This Lie Will Kill You -⭐️⭐️ Book Review

This Lie Will Kill You


Chelsea Pitcher

“Tell the truth. Or face the consequences.

Clue meets Riverdale in this page-turning thriller that exposes the lies five teens tell about a deadly night one year ago. 

One year ago, there was a party.
At the party, someone died.
Five teens each played a part and up until now, no one has told the truth.

But tonight, the five survivors arrive at an isolated mansion in the hills, expecting to compete in a contest with a $50,000 grand prize. Of course…some things are too good to be true. They were each so desperate for the prize, they didn’t question the odd, rather exclusive invitation until it was too late.

Now, they realize they’ve been lured together by a person bent on revenge, a person who will stop at nothing to uncover what actually happened on that deadly night, one year ago.

Five arrived, but not all can leave. Will the truth set them free?
Or will their lies destroy them all?”

First, let me extend my thanks to NetGalley, and of course the author, Chelsea Pitcher, for this copy of ‘This Lie Will Kill You’ to read in exchange for an honest review.

This has many ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ tones to it. We have a group of teenagers, a party, drinking, driving and finally, a death. One year on, someone wants their revenge.

Five teenagers – Juniper, Ruby, Parker, Brett and Gavin – all arrive at a mansion with the expectation of competing to win a $50,000 scholarship, a prize each of them desperately needs. After the events of one year ago where a fellow student tragically lost his life, each of the five have struggled academically. Juniper, for example, would have been valedictorian with a scholarship to a school of her choice. But that party, that fateful night one year prior changed everything. It was a similar story for each of them. One night altered their lives in unimaginable ways.

This is a story about bad decisions. A showcase of the poor life choices we make in haste turning out to have lasting consequences. This is a whodunit novel, Cluedo for the Riverdale-age, with a variety of shallow and frankly quite annoying characters. I found myself wanting to carry on, but struggling to connect with the book. It wasn’t a read I particularly enjoyed, which considering I am a fan of franchises such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, and shows like Riverdale, I thought it would definitely be something I would like.

I feel like, well for me, the let down here was the characters. They were annoying, boring, shallow, horrid people. No one you would be able to garner any sympathy with. A big part of my enjoyment in a story comes from my developing relationship with the characters. I love to be invested, I love rooting for a character, being drawn into their lives,feeling a variety of emotions for them. That was missing here. The setting itself had loads of potential. A creepy mansion, life size porcelain dolls (they are extra creepy at the best of times), and a murder mystery dinner. It could have been really good. It’s a real shame that it was let down by the lack-luster characters.


Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)

Night Shift -⭐️⭐️⭐️Book Review ***spoilers***

Night Shift


Robin Triggs

“Anders Nordvelt, last-minute replacement as head of security, has no time to integrate himself into the crew before an act of sabotage threatens the project. He must untangle a complex web of relationships from his position as prime suspect.

Then a body is found in the ice. Systems fail as the long night falls. Now Anders must do more than find a murderer: he must find a way to survive.

Will anyone endure the night shift, or will ice and frozen corpses be all that remains?”

Thank you to Flame Tree Press for this copy of Night Shift by author Robin Triggs to read in exchange for an honest review.

This a nice little read, a thriller set in a remote mining base situated in Antarctica. Anders Nordvelt finds himself as the new head of security for a mining project. This should be a routine job, there are only a handful of workers on the base, and there have never been any problems, until now. He unfortunately finds himself instantly hurled into what first seems like a sabotage plot, and then a body is found. Murder? Being the new guy on the block, no one trusts him,and of course they all suspect him. Are they right? Can Anders be trusted? Will the crew survive the night shift?

I enjoyed this novel, I did find it a little slow in parts, and to be honest, to me it didn’t feel like a lot really happened. It felt like a slow-moving slow burn thriller, keeping the reader guessing on the culprit of the sabotage and the murder right until the end. An Agatha Christie-esque suspense mystery. As much as I enjoyed it, and I was very excited by the cover (I love a dramatic cover), I did struggle with it. The slow pace, and the not very likable characters make it a difficult read in places. There was no one who I was really rooting for to be ok, not even the main protagonist Anders Nordvelt. As far as the ending, it felt very matter-of-fact, it seemed to lack the drama that should have been associated with it.

I would recommend giving it a read, Night Shift like I say is a great little mystery thriller, perfect for those winter nights in the comfort of your own home. The frosty Antarctic atmosphere really adds to the winter scene.


Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)

The Switch House -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Book Review ***spoilers***

The Switch House


Tim Meyer

“CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won a role on LET’S SWITCH HOUSES! Your life is going to change. We promise. Your dreams will come true. Everything you’ve ever wanted, we have it. This is a chance of a lifetime. Come inside. Switch with us.

Angela and Terry return home after several grueling months of filming the popular television show, LET’S SWITCH HOUSES!, only to find their residence in ruin. Sure, the décor and framed photographs are the same; the color of the walls hasn’t changed; the furniture sits unmoved. But something is off. Their quiet New Jersey home feels tainted. Angela can sense it. Crawling inside her. Infecting her mind. Poisoning her thoughts.

Then the nightmares begin. Awful, lucid visions that cause her to question her own reality. What happened at 44 Trenton Road while she was gone? Just what did she do, that bizarre woman who claims she can communicate with the beyond? Who is she exactly? Angela aims to find out, but the further she investigates, the deeper into madness she descends. How far will she travel before she loses the trail of clues? Or worse—before she loses her mind.

THE SWITCH HOUSE is a short novel for fans of supernatural thrillers with a dark twist.”

I wasn’t too sure what too make of this one at first, I found the premise interesting, a reality TV show called ‘Let’s Switch Houses’. I am happy to say that I stuck with it and rather enjoyed it.

Angela and Terry have had some problems, a terrible tragedy has driven a wedge between them and they hope that the distraction of the reality show that they have been signed up for will help them move on with their lives. After it’s over and they finally return home, things seem to be better, they seem to be getting back to their marriage. Sadly though, it doesn’t last long. Angela is having bad dreams, hallucinations, nightmarish visions that are disturbing her life, making her question her own sanity. She doesn’t know who she can trust, even her husband Terry is at question. She heads out to investigate these visions, determined to find the answers. She is desperate to know if what she hopes to be true might be or if she really is just losing her last grip on reality. Angela was most definitely not expecting what she found.

Let’s Switch Houses is an imaginative delve into the blackness of tragedy, enveloping the reader in the harrowing life of a married couple who have lost their only child. It’s a sad vision of the developing madness within as the couple just cannot come to terms with their loss, and it’s an insight in to the lengths that we will go to in convincing ourselves of what we want to be true.

This is a great short story, both moving in places and frightening in others. The characters are both interesting and engaging, with great pacing throughout so we are not learning the gritty details too quick.

Highly recommended reading.

Thanks for reading this


Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)

Sleep Tight (2011) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Film Review

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight.jpg

Starring: Luis Tosar, Marta Etura, Alberto San Juan

Director: Jaume Balaguero

Genre: Horror/Psychological Thriller

Release: December 2011

From the director of REC, a movie I love, we have ‘Sleep Tight’. This is a wonderfully made and acted psychological horror movie. This film really freaked me out badly.

I’d first like to thank my brother, from whom I ‘borrowed’ this (I will totally return it I promise). I stole it from him as soon as he bought it, as we (myself and hubby) thought it looked good, and we love REC! We were not disappointed.

This is a great slow burn movie, it really digs itself deep under your skin from the get go. There is no doubt from the beginning that Cesar (Luis Tosar) is a creep. He wakes to his alarm, and makes his way down to his work as the concierge of the building. We see him take part in the daily morning routine of life, thinking nothing of it. We assume that he just doesn’t want to awaken his partner, the lovely Clara (Marta Etura) who he has left asleep. What we soon find out though, is that Cesar is not Clara’s anything. He sneaks in to her apartment every night, chloroforms her as she is asleep, and (we later discover) rapes her. She has no knowledge whatsoever of this, the only thing she feels is increasingly groggy and unwell from all the chloroform and trauma.

Luis Tosar plays Cesar with the perfect level of charming nastiness. My skin was crawling every second he was on screen. His only goal in life to make people unhappy (admit it, we also know someone like that), because he can’t feel happiness. It seems that the only thing that appears to placate him is the misery of others. Clara is a happy girl, she loves her life, and always has a kind word and a smile. Cesar cannot stand this, hence making his mission to ruin her, to ‘wipe that smile off her face’ as it were.

The ending is absolutely disturbing. You totally need to watch as I won’t completely ruin it for you. Oh my days though, it’s a good one!!

A complete 5/5!!

Lesley-Ann (Housewifeof Horror)

Don’t You Cry – ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Book Review

Don’t you Cry


Cass Green

Harper Collins

Don't You Cry - Paperback - 9780008287214 - Cass Green


One stolen baby – Two desperate strangers- One night of terror


Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:

The USA Today and Sunday Times top ten bestselling author returns with a dark and twisty psychological thriller.

She saved your life.
When Nina almost dies during a disastrous blind date, her life is saved by a waitress called Angel. But later that evening, Nina is surprised by a knock on the door. It’s Angel – and she’s pointing a gun at her.

Now she’ll make you pay.
Minutes later, Angel’s younger brother Lucas turns up, covered in blood shielding a stolen newborn baby in his arms. Nina is about to endure the longest night of her life – a night that will be filled with terror and lead her to take risks she would never have believed herself capable of…

Thank you to NetGalley for this copy of ‘Don’t you Cry’ by Cass Green.

Nina night goes from bad to worse. First she has a terrible blind date. Not only is the guy a total loser, but she almost chokes to death. She is saved by the waitress, Angel, aptly named. What she doesn’t realize is Angel thinks Nina owes her one, and she comes to collect. It’s the beginning of a nightmare for Nina. How bad can this night get? If only she knew.

This isn’t a bad read, the characters are interesting and the development of the story keeps you guessing and wanting more. We all like a book that keeps us interested, and this certainly does that. My 3 stars, well, it could be a little slow in places, and I really can’t decide on the format. The splitting of the characters, so each chapter is from a particular characters point of view, I’m not entirely convinced this worked. It did in some ways, but I think I would have preferred it from the POV of one character, for example, Angel. Although I must say the author did do a great job of keeping the story fluid, with little overlap. It wasn’t confusing, just maybe too much in my personal opinion. I’m possibly biased here as I love Angel, she has so many layers, so many different depths to explore. The story would have had a darker tone to it I feel if it had have been Angel-centric (may not have been a bad thing – darker the better for me).

Overall, I enjoyed it, yes some parts were a little dull, other parts maybe skimmed over too quick, but it’s a very good read.

What’s great about it, is it’s a real life scenario, this could happen. It has happened I’m sure. It’s one of those novels that delves into the inner parts of the psyche and examines just how far one is willing to go when pushed. We will never truly understand until we ourselves are in that position.

3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)



Manifest Recall – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Book Review ***minor spoilers***


Manifest Recall by [Baxter, Alan]

Manifest Recall

5* Book Review

Alan Baxter

Grey Matter Press


Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:


Following a psychotic break, Eli Carver finds himself on the run, behind the wheel of a car that’s not his own, and in the company of a terrified woman he doesn’t know. As layers of ugly truth are peeled back and dark secrets are revealed, the duo find themselves in a struggle for survival when they unravel a mystery that pits them against the most dangerous forces in their lives.

A contemporary southern gothic thriller with frightening supernatural overtones, Alan Baxter’s Manifest Recall explores the tragic life of a hitman who finds himself on the wrong side of his criminal syndicate. Baxter’s adrenaline-fueled approach to storytelling draws readers into Eli Carver’s downward spiral of psychosis and through the darkest realms of lost memories, human guilt and the insurmountable quest for personal redemption.”


Manifest Recall, The Sopranos meets Sons of Anarchy, and gets all kind of twisted. This is a great read, a brilliant novella from Alan Baxter. May I just say a huge thank you to the author and to Grey Matter Press for sending me a copy of Manifest Recall in exchange for a review.

Eli Carver is having the worst day of his life. Who is he? What has he done? What or who is he running from? And who is the girl tied up in his trunk? He has no memory. He knows that something bad has happened to him, he just doesn’t know how bad. To make matters worse, he has the ghosts of the dead talking to him, mocking him, tormenting him. What has he gotten himself into? And how is he going to get himself out of this?

This is one of those books. You know the ones, the ones you cannot physically put down after you start them. You just have to keep going, keep turning the pages to see what comes next. The desire to put all the pieces together, to figure out what is happening right now and what happened before, it’s too strong. Before you know it you have finished the entire book and you just don’t know what to do with the rest of your day. This is one of those books.

I really don’t want to say too much about it, I don’t want to give too much away. This is a must-read, it’s a real edge-of-seat job, a proper page turner.

The writing style is excellent, the first person prose, it does its job of dragging you deep into the story. There is a brilliant claustrophobic element here; you are sucked in so deep you need to finish the story to climb back out again.

It’s excellent. Very stylish and very fast paced. Thrilling.

Find it here via Amazon (UK):



Thrilling from start to finish.

Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)