Rewind or Die: The Catcreeper by Kevin A. Lewis

Another hit from the Rewind or Die series. The Catcreeper is a very interesting tale really, I felt it was a deep look inside the mind of an unhappy child. No one really understood him and his only friend being Green the cat.

Total Pet Sematary vibes with the story, I loved it. The Catcreeper is a terrifying look inside what obsession, heartbreak and sadness can create if left unchecked.

Part of it felt like a dream. That was something I really liked, the subjective nature of the story. Whose POV are we really getting it from. The whole cat centred mansion was amazing too, I can really imagine myself like this when I’m older (except with rats and not cats).

Taylor Crane was so aloof throughout I think it made him my favourite character. Totally dissociated from reality till the end.

This is a very fun/scary/creepy/sad/lonely story. A novella worthy of a read by horror fans and may I thank the author for sending me an ARC to read. I loved it. I believe many others will too.