Rewind or Die: Hairspray and Switchblades by V. Castro

Were-Jaguars, strip clubs and hot detectives. This little novella from the Rewind or Die series has it all.
A fast and furious ride from the get go, Maya experiencing her first change and having to grow up too fast to be a parent to her little sister who she knows has all this to come.
Hairspray and Switchblades moves through various stages including romance, coming of age, death of family, animal transformation and even a serial killer. It squeezes a lot in to a novella, but does this in style without losing any pace or plot.

This is one I can image being a TV series at some point. Fits into the True Blood narrative somewhere with the shifters. Definitely worth a read of you are a fan of the True Blood books and the likes.

Rewind or Die: Dead and Breakfast by Gary Buller

Oh my days the nostalgia reigns supreme in Gary Buller’s Dead and Breakfast.
A rollercoaster of feels all the way through, back to 60s/70s/80s heydays when everything was so simple and perfect.
Eddie and Banksy arrive at a bed and breakfast (or so they think) after some nails in the road and a forgotten spare ruin their plans for the evening. A doddery old lady reads them several or her scary stories – each one being quite frankly amazing – and keeps the couple up way past bedtime.

You know something is coming, you can feel it all the way through. But my god when it hits it really.hits!!

Dead and Breakfast is the perfect novella. It’s sharp, to the point, filled with life, death and some good old fashioned tales.

Part of the Rewind or Die series. Dead and Breakfast is a must-read for horror fans!!

The Burntbridge Boys

The Burntbridge Boys

By John F. Leonard

Review by Lesley Ann Campbell

What can I say… I know no football references whatsoever, but the author, John F. Leonard knocked this one out of the park (I do know baseball references). 

Another trip to the eerie town of Bledbrooke, to the football stadium and a ‘manager’ who was given a very special watch. 

Sammy Raferty is on the run from everyone. What he doesn’t realise is that he has already been caught. He made a deal with the devil the second he put the watch on.

The Burntbridge Boys is full of Seventies nostalgia and definitely one for the horror reader who likes a bit of football. It is full of charm, scares and an eerie enough atmosphere to keep you up. This is a book I need to read again. What I really want is to re-read all of the Dead Box and Scaeth Mythos works and dig out all the bits I’ve probably missed. This is a wonderful addition to the collection. I did a great deal of ‘wondering’ all through it. I love the way certain aspects are left up in the air as it were. As the reader, you know… but you do wonder if you really know what’s happening. John F. Leonard has built up this magnificent world and mythology, one that I’m sure Netflix will pick up on and make a great several seasons from. I can picture it now, American Horror Story-esque, each season a different time and a different place, but the Scaeth links throughout.

I often struggle to write long reviews for John. F Leonards books as I am terrified of giving away too much.

The substance of my review is thus:

It is creepily magical. A must-read and a top notch addition to what I will proudly call my favorite collection of books. 

Thank you John. Please keep writing. 

Infested by Carol Gore ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Casey Vs the giant bugs. I rather enjoyed this novella. No matter how big or how small, bugs are a phobia of the many. I for one am terrified of spiders and roaches.  The sheer scale of the bugs within the pages was making my skin crawl. It’s a fun story, reminds me of those SyFy originals, the old B-movie types that they show now like Sharknado.

Giant bugs everywhere, biting hikers and eating alligators alive. This is a fun tale of Girl Vs Beast. The story itself is nothing new really, it’s very samey in that way with the family drama and girl like boy business. This is not a criticism really as the story is more about the giant bugs and Casey’s battle against them than the everyday dramas of life.

Overall I really enjoyed this. It’s an entertaining read.


In Dreams We Rot by Betty Rocksteady – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Book Review

It’s took me a little longer than I would have liked to get to this one. I’ve been so behind lately with reading and reviews. Worth the wait… YES!!

In Dreams We Rot is a distinctive and disturbing look into ones psyche. The stories are way beyond creepy. They are deeply unsettling in some cases.

We all have some strange dreams, I had a really unnerving one a few nights ago.

The author has a real talent for creating the scene. You are dragged in to this twisted dream like state. The imagery and descriptiveness really bring forth the horror of each story. The characters are full.of live and depth, their feelings and fear are clear.

The cat story is perfect for any cat owners out there with questions about what their cat gets up to during the day. I’ll never look at a kitty the same way.

The voyeur story is one that resonates. Not so much with the sex. What I mean is that we spend so much time ‘watching’ other people through various platforms. We forget that those people are also watching us. It’s a tad nauseating.

I loved this collection. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves reading character centric horror.

Curse of the Dead-Eyed Doll – 🌟🌟🌟Book Review

Curse of the Dead-Eyed Doll, another book in ‘The Haunted States of America’ series, was a fun read. Robert the doll, over 100 years old and on display at the local Civil War museum, doesn’t like to be disrespected and you MUST ask his permission before taking pictures. Of course Al, a boisterous teenager who doesn’t believe in curses, takes Roberts picture and insults him just to add insult. What ensues is a tale of bad luck for poor Al as his days go from bad to worse, between bugs in his dinner, lightning strikes and flat tires – ROBERT DID IT all.
This is a fun short read, I like haunted dolls and all that business so it was definitely one for me. The book itself isn’t particularly frightening or anything but it is entertaining.
I’m rather enjoying this series of tales.

A Suburban Haunting by Matt Shaw -⭐⭐⭐⭐ Book Review

This was one I decided to read on our travels to Paris and managed to finish it while my adorable husband sleeps.

This was going to be a 3⭐ book originally but the last few chapters really ramp the horror up and the unfathomable turmoil of the family and the diabolical history of the house.

So our protagonist Craig is left a house by his recently deceased uncle Bill. Bill’s estranged wife Mavis warns Craig that the house isn’t right and that he shouldn’t move himself and his family into it.

This would seem to be your typical haunt. It’s not.

Things go from bad to worse very quickly for Craig and his wife Melissa, with one extreme twist that I actually didn’t see coming.

This is a really great read and it’s not too long a one either.

Be warned – extreme sexual content that some may be uncomfortable with.

Find it here, free for KU users:

Slash by Hunter Shea ⭐⭐⭐ review

Many thanks to NetGalley and Flame Tree Press for a copy of Slash to read in exchange for an honest review.

The premise was a simple slasher with lots of killings and groups of unwitting (or witless) individuals who serve themselves up on a platter to get killed.

The Final Girl, Ashely, who several years earlier survived a resort massacre at the hands of a killer known as The Wraith, can no longer live with the pain and is found hanging by her finance Todd.

Greiving, Todd goes back to the resort in search of the truth about what happened that night and he and a group of friends get a lot more than they bargained for.

The story flows well and along with interesting and dynamic characters is a good read. For me though I felt it was lacking in originality and there was just that spark missing that drags me in to the story.

It’s a fun read, gore filled and totally lives up to the title.


Find it here: