Today’s reading…

I have a story from the wonderfully talented John F. Leonard to read today.

The Bledbrooke Works

I’ve been looking forward to this. I always love John’s stories and I lm sure this will be no different.

Review to follow on GingerNuts of Horror.

My next read…

I’ve had a decent April of reading so far with The Butchering Art and several short stories from Dona Fox.

I think it’s time for a novel now, and one I’ve had for a little while is Husker by Marc W. Johnson.

My next read…

Keeping the momentum going this month, my next read, and my third from Dona Fox:

Looking forward to this if the last couple are anything to go by.

Upcoming Review


The Butchering Art byLindsey Fitzharris

My next review to write up for GingerNuts of Horror is that of TheButchering Art. The tale of Joseph Lister’s journey though Victorian medicine and his idealistic views of antiseptic procedures.

Looking forward to writing this up. I’m quite nervous though as I don’t feel I can do it justice.

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