Rewind or Die: Dead and Breakfast by Gary Buller

Oh my days the nostalgia reigns supreme in Gary Buller’s Dead and Breakfast.
A rollercoaster of feels all the way through, back to 60s/70s/80s heydays when everything was so simple and perfect.
Eddie and Banksy arrive at a bed and breakfast (or so they think) after some nails in the road and a forgotten spare ruin their plans for the evening. A doddery old lady reads them several or her scary stories – each one being quite frankly amazing – and keeps the couple up way past bedtime.

You know something is coming, you can feel it all the way through. But my god when it hits it really.hits!!

Dead and Breakfast is the perfect novella. It’s sharp, to the point, filled with life, death and some good old fashioned tales.

Part of the Rewind or Die series. Dead and Breakfast is a must-read for horror fans!!

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