The Burntbridge Boys

The Burntbridge Boys

By John F. Leonard

Review by Lesley Ann Campbell

What can I say… I know no football references whatsoever, but the author, John F. Leonard knocked this one out of the park (I do know baseball references). 

Another trip to the eerie town of Bledbrooke, to the football stadium and a ‘manager’ who was given a very special watch. 

Sammy Raferty is on the run from everyone. What he doesn’t realise is that he has already been caught. He made a deal with the devil the second he put the watch on.

The Burntbridge Boys is full of Seventies nostalgia and definitely one for the horror reader who likes a bit of football. It is full of charm, scares and an eerie enough atmosphere to keep you up. This is a book I need to read again. What I really want is to re-read all of the Dead Box and Scaeth Mythos works and dig out all the bits I’ve probably missed. This is a wonderful addition to the collection. I did a great deal of ‘wondering’ all through it. I love the way certain aspects are left up in the air as it were. As the reader, you know… but you do wonder if you really know what’s happening. John F. Leonard has built up this magnificent world and mythology, one that I’m sure Netflix will pick up on and make a great several seasons from. I can picture it now, American Horror Story-esque, each season a different time and a different place, but the Scaeth links throughout.

I often struggle to write long reviews for John. F Leonards books as I am terrified of giving away too much.

The substance of my review is thus:

It is creepily magical. A must-read and a top notch addition to what I will proudly call my favorite collection of books. 

Thank you John. Please keep writing. 

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