Quarantine – Mental Health Edition

White and Brown Wooden Tiles

It sucks… well it does and it doesn’t. We are doing the right thing -#stayhomesavelifes – but the struggle is real for those with mental health issues (and those without). I know, I know… could be worse. Those of us lucky enough to be at home in self isolation should be thankful that we don’t have the Covid-19.

I feel the need to just ramble a bit…

Working from home has been tough. I feel like I live at work now. I’m finding that separation hard. When I found out that I am being furloughed, I was over the moon. Two more days then no work for however long. That’s one big stress off me anyway.

Now I can just sit and catastrophize the end of the world, everyone I love dying etc etc. The joys of a mental health crisis.

The good news, plenty of time to catch up on all my books to read and review *EPIC*. So many books an so little time. I can also try and figure this out, y’know, what do I want to do, like really. It’s a terrible time. I want to take the positives from it, and some days I do. Other days I spend in anguish, taking it out on others and then have to do the rounds apologizing the next day. I don’t blame people for not wanting anything to do with me sometimes, I’m a neurotic mess.

The upside… well there isn’t really one in a global pandemic, apart from Mother Earth seems to be repairing herself a little.

I wish more people could understand what it’s like to be trapped inside your own nightmare. It’s not attention seeking, or being dramatic, it’s a genuine crisis of self.


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