Ten Tips to Break Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a common theme within the writing community. We all have out own ways of getting past it, I tend to move on with something else like reading or watching a film. Here are ten of the most common ways to rid ourselves of this dreaded affliction:

  • Go for a walk or a jog to clear your head. Fresh air and the great outdoors is the perfect way to clear your mind and release any built up tension.
  • Take a break, read, watch a movie, do whatever else you like to do in your spare time. If it takes your mind off what you are stuck on, it’s a good thing. Sometimes you just need to have a break.
  • Try some freewriting – stream of consciousness writing is a great way to get into the flow. Just write what comes into your head. Even things as daft as ” I don’t know what to write so I am writing this” and keep it going. Chances are you will write yourself out of the block.
  • Delete those social media apps – not necessarily a cause of writer’s block, but the distractions imposed on us by Facebook, Twitter and the likes can really stunt your flow. A background distraction can displace your focus and cause you to lose track of your thought process.
  • Clean – Yes, have a tidy up around the house. What’s that saying. ‘Tidy House, Tidy Mind’. It works a treat. Do the dishes, clean the bathroom, do all the housework jobs and then you can return to your work with a fresh and tidy brain.
  • Write something else. Got a flash fiction idea you want to try? Try it. If you get your flow going on another piece of work, when you come back to the previous one you will have likely solved your issue, whether you realize it or not.
  • Change your writing environment – I recently checked into a hotel for a night, my hubby was on a work trip so while he was doing that, I stayed in the room and got cracking. I made so much progress by just being away from my usual distractions.
  • Get an early night, it helps. Your brain is still ticking over even when you are asleep, hence ‘sleep on it’. When you awaken chances are you will know what you need to do.
  • Google some writing prompts. The internet is a magical place filled with with many wonders. If you are stuck, type it into Google and see what pops up. You never know…
  • Think of the end and work your way back. If you know how you want a particular scene to finish, work backwards. Let the cues find you.

I hope these tips help you if are stuck. Let me know your thoughts. What do you do to overcome a bout of writer’s block?

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