January at Housewife of Horror

January has been a real turning point for me with regards to my writing.

I have had a short flash fiction story accepted for publication – I can’t say anything else at the moment – and I have submitted another two for review. I have made good progress with my WIP ‘Quicksand’, developing the plot, the characters and even making a rough cover. It’s far from perfect, but it’s great to see something, makes it seem more real if anything.

I’m very pleased and proud to say that I also have a brief article about my time as a book reviewer coming in February for Women in Horror Month with The Horror Tree. https://horrortree.com

I have made good reading progress too. The New Year saw me take on my #7books7days challenge where I read a different book every day during the first week. That was really fun. I read some great books, and got quite up to date with my reading list.

I am currently reading ‘The Playing Card Killer’ from Flame Tree Press, which will take me into the beginning of February and then I plan to read one book a week during the month.

I have decided to set myself a lower challenge for reading, as it will take the pressure off me and also give it will give me plenty of time for writing. It’s a balance, finding the time for reading, writing, working full time and making sure I don’t neglect my adorable soon to be husband. I think I’m getting on top of it though. I’m feeling good about my progress and where I’m at currently.

I hope to have plenty of more writing news next month and plenty of reviews to come too. I have a couple of book reviews outstanding with GingerNuts of Horror http://gingernutsofhorror.com/index.html and expect to have these live soon.

Overall it’s been a great month. Bring on February and lots of horror!!

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