Writing Prompts for the Horror Writer

  • She walked in, the smell, the overwhelmingly foul stench hit her like a truck…
  • Awakening in darkness, the deafening silence overwhelmed his senses. He could tell someone was there, not by sound or sight, but by the sheer presence of evil that hung in the air like a thick city smog.
  • Fearful for her safety, she turned quickly and began towards her car. The footsteps behind her again quickened their pace, gaining with every step. No one was there.
  • The office was empty, not unusual for this time of day, but still an eerie feeling washed over me. I wasn’t alone, I could feel the eyes watching me, following me.
  • The scratching coming from the backdoor became more pronounced. There are more of them, they just keep coming.
  • I can feel it inside me, squirming its way through my body with no regard…
  • Coldness engulfs me, I can feel the delicate caress of her touch as she wraps herself around me. She is evil, she is the devil incarnate, she has taken my soul for her own.
  • The entire floor shook with the force of a tornado passing through. Pictures fell and cracked, the oak side table cracked as if an eggshell.
  • I sprint for my bedroom, my screams are silent. I will make it. Just as I get to the door, it grabs me by my ankles, dragging me back towards the basement…
  • Blood runs free here as if it is water…

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