The Isle – ⭐️⭐️⭐️Book Review ***spoilers***

The Isle


John C. Foster


A deadly menace threatens a remote island community and every man, woman and child is in peril. Sent to the isle to collect the remains of a dead fugitive, US Marshal Virgil Bone is trapped by torrential storms.

As the body count rises the community unravels, and Bone is thrust into the role of investigator. Aided by a local woman and the town pariah, he uncovers the island’s macabre past and its horrifying connection to the killings.

Some curses are best believed.
Sometimes the past is best left buried.
And some will kill to keep it so.”

First of all I would like to that Grey Matter Press for a copy of ‘The Isle’ to read in exchange for an honest review.

The lead protagonist, Bone, is sent to The Isle to retrieve the body of a fugitive, Richard Slocum. “Still a federal fugitive until we bring him in” he is told. He takes passage on Leviathan, a fishing boat captained by one by the interesting character, Samuel Weeks. Bone has many issues of his own to deal with such as the drinking problem that led to the death of his wife. He is a much layered character, something which I like. The more depth I feel with a character, the more you can relate to them. With this, it also brings you closer, in a fashion, to the story.

The trip out to The Isle I particularly enjoyed reading. It was very claustrophobic, very intense and descriptive, really making you feel like you were there, on the boat. I swear I felt a little sea sick reading it. The atmosphere was very dark and unnerving, as the reader, you never quite knew what to expect.

Bone then becomes stranded on The Isle due to the deteriorating weather, and finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery wrapped up in a curse tied up in very strange bow. This is a very interesting read, a murder mystery in an isolated environment. The Isle is very Gothic in nature, a good collection of odd characters, with a rich, old feeling, New England atmosphere.


Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)

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