This Lie Will Kill You -⭐️⭐️ Book Review

This Lie Will Kill You


Chelsea Pitcher

“Tell the truth. Or face the consequences.

Clue meets Riverdale in this page-turning thriller that exposes the lies five teens tell about a deadly night one year ago. 

One year ago, there was a party.
At the party, someone died.
Five teens each played a part and up until now, no one has told the truth.

But tonight, the five survivors arrive at an isolated mansion in the hills, expecting to compete in a contest with a $50,000 grand prize. Of course…some things are too good to be true. They were each so desperate for the prize, they didn’t question the odd, rather exclusive invitation until it was too late.

Now, they realize they’ve been lured together by a person bent on revenge, a person who will stop at nothing to uncover what actually happened on that deadly night, one year ago.

Five arrived, but not all can leave. Will the truth set them free?
Or will their lies destroy them all?”

First, let me extend my thanks to NetGalley, and of course the author, Chelsea Pitcher, for this copy of ‘This Lie Will Kill You’ to read in exchange for an honest review.

This has many ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ tones to it. We have a group of teenagers, a party, drinking, driving and finally, a death. One year on, someone wants their revenge.

Five teenagers – Juniper, Ruby, Parker, Brett and Gavin – all arrive at a mansion with the expectation of competing to win a $50,000 scholarship, a prize each of them desperately needs. After the events of one year ago where a fellow student tragically lost his life, each of the five have struggled academically. Juniper, for example, would have been valedictorian with a scholarship to a school of her choice. But that party, that fateful night one year prior changed everything. It was a similar story for each of them. One night altered their lives in unimaginable ways.

This is a story about bad decisions. A showcase of the poor life choices we make in haste turning out to have lasting consequences. This is a whodunit novel, Cluedo for the Riverdale-age, with a variety of shallow and frankly quite annoying characters. I found myself wanting to carry on, but struggling to connect with the book. It wasn’t a read I particularly enjoyed, which considering I am a fan of franchises such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, and shows like Riverdale, I thought it would definitely be something I would like.

I feel like, well for me, the let down here was the characters. They were annoying, boring, shallow, horrid people. No one you would be able to garner any sympathy with. A big part of my enjoyment in a story comes from my developing relationship with the characters. I love to be invested, I love rooting for a character, being drawn into their lives,feeling a variety of emotions for them. That was missing here. The setting itself had loads of potential. A creepy mansion, life size porcelain dolls (they are extra creepy at the best of times), and a murder mystery dinner. It could have been really good. It’s a real shame that it was let down by the lack-luster characters.


Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)

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