Think Yourself Lucky -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Book Review ***spoilers***

Think Yourself Lucky

Ramsey Campbell

“David Botham just wants a quiet ordinary life―his job at the travel agency, his relationship with his girlfriend Stephanie. The online blog that uses a title he once thought up has nothing to do with him. He has no idea who is writing it or where they get their information about a series of violent deaths in Liverpool. If they’re murders, how can the killer go unseen even by security cameras? Perhaps David won’t know until they come too close to him―until he can’t ignore the figure from his past that is catching up with him…”

We all have many personas. We have our work persona, our home persona; we may act differently with different friends and relatives. We also have, in our current technological society, our online personas. From behind a keyboard, we can be who we want to be. We can say things we maybe normally wouldn’t say in public. This isn’t necessarily that we are ‘keyboard warriors’, it may be that we are shy, and quiet, and that we feel more comfortable behind the anonymity of a computer screen.  As humans, we are very adept at adapting our outward personality to our current situation and needs.

Then there is the inside voice. This is the persona that only we, as the individual, are aware of. That internal monologue, it’s the constant chatter within our mind. We all have this. It’s that voice you don’t want let loose in polite society, the one that is screaming at your annoying co worker, the one that is telling the person talking too loud on their mobile phone to shut up.

Think Yourself Lucky is a story with many layers.

David Botham is just an ordinary guy. He has a job in a travel agency, a girlfriend who he adores. He has a good life. He attends a writing group, only after some heavy persuasion from one of the members. He doesn’t see himself as a writer, but he is swayed into giving away a title, if he were to write – ‘Better Out Than In’. A title which I have to say, describes this story perfectly.

A series of accidents occur, all of which appear to be described in detail on a blog which is using David’s title. These are people that David has been, or is connected to. He is terrified, he can’t focus, he can’t think straight. He doesn’t know if he is going mad, if he is the one hurting people, or if someone is following him, using him as a scapegoat for these so-called accidents.

This is a really great novel, a re-release thanks to Flame Tree Press. It’s an inventive insight into the mind of the average person. The deepest thoughts, the feelings we want to keep to ourselves, and our hidden temperaments. It shows the damage of keeping our feelings locked away, the pain it can cause us. And it shows us the power of release. When we admit what we truly think and think. How much better off we can be if we are just honest with ourselves and others.

This is a great read from Ramsey Campbell. I wasn’t too sure on this one at first. The style, the switch between David and the blog was a little hard for me to follow initially. But once I got into it, I really got into it, reading most of it in one afternoon as I really became invested.

The plot develops really nicely, the pacing is great, and the payoff at the end is worth it. The characters are very ‘real’.  Average people, a good mix of personalities with the right balance of temperaments. David and his girlfriend Stephanie are two people you can really get behind. You want them both to be okay.

You can buy it here on Amazon (UK site):


Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)

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