Sleep Tight (2011) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Film Review

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight.jpg

Starring: Luis Tosar, Marta Etura, Alberto San Juan

Director: Jaume Balaguero

Genre: Horror/Psychological Thriller

Release: December 2011

From the director of REC, a movie I love, we have ‘Sleep Tight’. This is a wonderfully made and acted psychological horror movie. This film really freaked me out badly.

I’d first like to thank my brother, from whom I ‘borrowed’ this (I will totally return it I promise). I stole it from him as soon as he bought it, as we (myself and hubby) thought it looked good, and we love REC! We were not disappointed.

This is a great slow burn movie, it really digs itself deep under your skin from the get go. There is no doubt from the beginning that Cesar (Luis Tosar) is a creep. He wakes to his alarm, and makes his way down to his work as the concierge of the building. We see him take part in the daily morning routine of life, thinking nothing of it. We assume that he just doesn’t want to awaken his partner, the lovely Clara (Marta Etura) who he has left asleep. What we soon find out though, is that Cesar is not Clara’s anything. He sneaks in to her apartment every night, chloroforms her as she is asleep, and (we later discover) rapes her. She has no knowledge whatsoever of this, the only thing she feels is increasingly groggy and unwell from all the chloroform and trauma.

Luis Tosar plays Cesar with the perfect level of charming nastiness. My skin was crawling every second he was on screen. His only goal in life to make people unhappy (admit it, we also know someone like that), because he can’t feel happiness. It seems that the only thing that appears to placate him is the misery of others. Clara is a happy girl, she loves her life, and always has a kind word and a smile. Cesar cannot stand this, hence making his mission to ruin her, to ‘wipe that smile off her face’ as it were.

The ending is absolutely disturbing. You totally need to watch as I won’t completely ruin it for you. Oh my days though, it’s a good one!!

A complete 5/5!!

Lesley-Ann (Housewifeof Horror)

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