Don’t You Cry – ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Book Review

Don’t you Cry


Cass Green

Harper Collins

Don't You Cry - Paperback - 9780008287214 - Cass Green


One stolen baby – Two desperate strangers- One night of terror


Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads:

The USA Today and Sunday Times top ten bestselling author returns with a dark and twisty psychological thriller.

She saved your life.
When Nina almost dies during a disastrous blind date, her life is saved by a waitress called Angel. But later that evening, Nina is surprised by a knock on the door. It’s Angel – and she’s pointing a gun at her.

Now she’ll make you pay.
Minutes later, Angel’s younger brother Lucas turns up, covered in blood shielding a stolen newborn baby in his arms. Nina is about to endure the longest night of her life – a night that will be filled with terror and lead her to take risks she would never have believed herself capable of…

Thank you to NetGalley for this copy of ‘Don’t you Cry’ by Cass Green.

Nina night goes from bad to worse. First she has a terrible blind date. Not only is the guy a total loser, but she almost chokes to death. She is saved by the waitress, Angel, aptly named. What she doesn’t realize is Angel thinks Nina owes her one, and she comes to collect. It’s the beginning of a nightmare for Nina. How bad can this night get? If only she knew.

This isn’t a bad read, the characters are interesting and the development of the story keeps you guessing and wanting more. We all like a book that keeps us interested, and this certainly does that. My 3 stars, well, it could be a little slow in places, and I really can’t decide on the format. The splitting of the characters, so each chapter is from a particular characters point of view, I’m not entirely convinced this worked. It did in some ways, but I think I would have preferred it from the POV of one character, for example, Angel. Although I must say the author did do a great job of keeping the story fluid, with little overlap. It wasn’t confusing, just maybe too much in my personal opinion. I’m possibly biased here as I love Angel, she has so many layers, so many different depths to explore. The story would have had a darker tone to it I feel if it had have been Angel-centric (may not have been a bad thing – darker the better for me).

Overall, I enjoyed it, yes some parts were a little dull, other parts maybe skimmed over too quick, but it’s a very good read.

What’s great about it, is it’s a real life scenario, this could happen. It has happened I’m sure. It’s one of those novels that delves into the inner parts of the psyche and examines just how far one is willing to go when pushed. We will never truly understand until we ourselves are in that position.

3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)



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