Just to say…

Hello all,


Just checking in as I’ve been a bit absent this last week. I’m still here and still reading.

I have recently joined the @GNHorror Gingernuts of Horror review team, so my review of The House by the Cemetery is a little delayed in going up – that said, it should be up this week on their site followed by my own a few days later.

I am currently reading a fantastic collection of short stories by Calvin Demmer, ‘The Sea was a Fair Master’. I am very much looking forward to writing up my review of this soon.

Got a good lot of books to read and review coming up. Over the next few weeks I will be reading and posting about some of the following:


  • Ten Thousand Thunders – Brian Trent
  • The House by the Cemetery – John Everson
  • Predators – Michaelbrent Collings
  • Don’t you Cry – Cass Green
  • Eat the Rich – Renee Miller
  • Sugar Skulls – M.R. Tapia
  • The Die-Fi Experiment – M.R. Tapia
  • Manifest Recall – Alan Baxter
  • The Sea Was a Fair Master – Calvin Demmer
  • The Jesus Man – Keith Anthony Baird
  • A World Of Horror – Eric J. Guignard & Co
  • The Five Senses of Horror – Eric J. Guignard & Co
  • I Can Taste the Blood – Josh Malerman & Co
  • Interview With the Devil: Part 1 – Skyler Darren
  • The Frighteners – Peter Laws
  • Bad Pennies – John F Leonard


Stay in touch guys,

Love and hugs, Lesley-Ann

(Housewife of Horror)

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