Drakon Unchained: Blood of the Drakon – Review (Contains spoilers)

Drakon Unchained: Blood of the Drakon

N.J. Walters  

Release Date – 27th August 2018

Entangled Publishing


She had dedicated her entire life to this, to finding her childhood friend, the one person who had made her feel special, who had made her feel like she was worth something. Was she about to find him? Was everything about to change?

Victoria Marshall, a women with a rare ability, she has visions of both the past and sometimes the present through her dreams.

Luther Henderson is the tough and handsome head of security for a very dangerous man,  Herman Temple; a man Victoria hopes can lead her to Sergei, her childhood Drakon friend, and Katherine, his wife. She knows that they are being held captive, as well as tortured, she has unfortunately seen this through her visions. She just doesn’t know where they are or why this is happening.

She only took the job as Temple’s assistant because of a vision she had seen that evening, after her job interview. She realized then that he could be the one, the one to lead her to Sergei. He knows something, he has deep secrets, deep ties to covert organisations, she knows he is involved somehow in this nightmare. She is swimming with sharks and there is blood in the water. This is a dangerous game she is playing, one that could cost her her life.

Victoria is drawn to Luther, and he to her. It’s magnetic; they can’t stay away from each other, even though they both know the dangers of fraternizing within their employment under Temple. Employees have vanished for less.


I had the kind pleasure of receiving an advance copy of ‘Drakon Unchained: Blood of the Drakon’, to which I volunteered to read and review. I was not disappointed.

I was drawn into the book straight away; I felt an immediate connection with the characters, especially Victoria and Luther. I was immersed in their growing relationship from the get-go, I could not get enough, I found this book hard to put down if I’m honest.

I really admired the strong and independent woman in Victoria, she knows her own mind, she has dedicated her life to her mission, nothing and no-one will stand in her way. She is afraid yet fearless, she is independent yet isn’t too proud to take comfort with Luther. She is such a warm character, strong, intelligent, beautiful and fragile. A character I grew to care for and admire.

I’m ashamed to say this was the first N.J. Walters book I have come to read; it definitely won’t be the last. I felt a strong sense of immediate attachment, the realism in the writing connected me deeply with the story and the characters involved, good and bad. I was so deeply invested in fact that I was quite emotional in parts and also by the end of the book, I could feel the tears beginning to well up. I felt a great deal of empathy with the characters, again Victoria and Luther specifically.

“She’d never belonged anywhere before, or to anyone, and his touch silenced the old voices in her head that whispered she wasn’t good enough, that no one wanted her because she was flawed”

I swear the above extract could have been written about me and my lovely soon-to-be husband.

N.J. Walters’ writing is beautiful; the story flows easily chapter to chapter, taking you along on Victoria’s dangerous journey into the realms of the dangerous ‘Knights of the dragon’, on her quest to free Sergei and Katherine, and her growing relationship with Luther. I felt like I was there, I felt like I was along for the ride, and what a ride it was.

This is book 5 in the ‘Blood of the Drakon’ series,

Now as I have said previously, I have not read any other N. J. Walters material, so I cannot compare to the previous books or how the story flows from there. I can say with confidence that this didn’t hinder the story one bit. I felt there was plenty of detail included; well enough explained that I never felt lost or confused.


I whole heartedly give this book 5/5.

I look forward to reading more from N.J.Walters in the future (and from the past).


Lesley-Ann (Housewife of Horror)


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