The Kirkstone Pass Inn



Ruth Ray, a woman on a journey to visit her ailing father, taking her small child along with her. The walk from Patterdale took a turn bad, the weather changing for the worse. When she didn’t later return to her husband from her visit, he set out to search for her. Sadly, what he later found was her frozen corpse. Thankfully though, her child, wrapped up warmly and tight, survived the tragedy.


To this day now, she still haunts the Kirkstone Pass inn, an old coaching inn dating back to the 15th century, with ties to an ancient monastery. It is said she is seen when bad weather is due, as a warning to the travellers of the Kirkstone pass.

Thank the good lord, we did not see her on our trip there. It was a lovely bright Sunday morning, and on our way home from a beautiful weekend away in Cockermouth (I know), we decided to stop by for a visit. My curiosity about the Inn had been peaked while I had been researching some haunted spots within Cumbria, and since it happened to be on our way home, more or less, we thought why not stop by.



It is a very picturesque yet wild location, set at almost 1500ft above sea level.  While you are up there you are presented with some of the most glorious views of the Lake District.

It’s a bit of a steep trek up to the Inn, quite an exhausting trip, even by car.  The road up from Ambleside to the Inn is aptly known as ‘The Struggle’, and a struggle it is indeed.


It has several resident ghosts; with reports of a young boy who had been killed by a coach outside, a woman who had been hanged at a nearby tree after the grisly murder of her own child, a reported grey lady, and a hiker who once worked at the Inn who is now believed to be responsible for the resident poltergeist activity.

The Inn itself nowadays is most frequented by tourists and hikers. It has 8 rooms and a larger bunkhouse that can be rented out which can accommodate up to 12 people.


It is highly worth a visit, whether you are fascinated by its haunted history, or to enjoy the glorious views and take some spectacular walks. It is a beautiful homely Inn with a wonderful friendly atmosphere, and we are so much looking forward to visiting again and this time staying overnight. If we are lucky, we may even experience some paranormal activity (as long as doesn’t end like the movies).


An absolute unquestionable 5/5, my only downside was we couldn’t stay longer and appreciate it more.



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