Romina(2018) – Review (contains spoilers)



Release date: 13th July 2018 

Run time: 1 hour 14 minutes 29 seconds



Directed by Diego Cohen


A sadly dull entry into the slasher horror universe, yet it is thankfully short. The premise of the movie is simple and not very original – a group of teenagers head towards the lake for a camping trip. It’s never going to end well is it?

We open with Romina, a young innocent looking girl, in the process of being questioned by a forensic psychiatrist. He has been tasked by the courts to determine her role in a horrendous multiple homicide – is she a victim, participant or witness?

We then cut to a car filled with over-sexed teenagers, heading for a camping trip to an idealistic lakeside (Crystal Lake if Netflix’s subtitles are to be trusted – my Spanish is all but non existent) for a weekend of sex, drinking and stupidity.

Romina, coincidentally, is also at the lake. She is seen stripping down and then swimming naked, unknowingly (or so we are meant to believe) being watched from the treeline by one, and later two, of our idiotic teenagers. She is later assaulted in her tent by the same two boys, and then the following morning, seemingly embarks on a solo killing spree. Taking revenge on her attackers, as well as (almost) everyone else whether they were involved in her ordeal or not.

We don’t really see any of the violence, just the aftermath. I suspect this was to avoid a higher rating for the movie. There is nothing overly graphic within this film, some mild sexual language, moderate nudity and implied sexual assault. No on screen death, just moderately graphic images of the victims afterwards.

I can’t decide whether it was poor acting, writing, directing or all of the above. It is plainly obvious from the initial naked swim right through to the assault, that she is the ‘honey trap’ for our unsuspecting idiots. This ruins what could have been a nice little twist at the end of the movie. I am going to assume that we as the viewer, were meant to believe that she is this poor innocent girl, brutally attacked, and then driven to revenge. I cannot see how anyone could believe this, it’s far too ‘in your face’ obvious that it’s a set up.

None of the characters are even a tiny bit likable, it’s difficult to garner any form of sympathy for them.

Sadly, this is a very unconvincing and even more disappointing film. With the very slow start (nearly an hour in before anything notable even happens), I was hopeful of a big exciting finish to make up for it. I was left extremely unsatisfied.

From the synopsis I had high hopes. Yes, it’s very samey, the usual plot involving kids heading into the woods etc etc, violence ensues. A lot of the time, that works, just not on this occasion.

This could have been really good.. and if you fancy a good slasher film set at Crystal Lake, well you know what to do.


My rating 1/5. Give it a miss, Love Island would be a more interesting watch than this.







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